Clementine Shadid - Artist of Paintwork


Welcome to my website! This is the website of Clementine Shadid where you find more information about my work and paintings. Please select the menu ‘Paintings’ to view my work.


palestinian-costume2010-4 expo-issigeac2011-2 IMG_4630 expositie-issigeac2c drieluik-ii OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA abstract2008 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA landscape2009-5 arabic-village2009 img_0027 clementine-paintings-2012-3 elize-tineke-schilderwerk-september-2012-033 Jordanie en huis Frankrijk 07 kunst tineke 018 img_0020 img_0018 expositie-issigeac-2b IMG_4648 Jordanie en huis Frankrijk 07 kunst tineke 019 clementine-paintings-2012-7 img_0021