Tineke Shadid - Schilderwerk

De Schilder

About twenty years ago I started painting on paper and canvas using mixed techniques such as acrylic, chalk, ink, collage etc.

I studied art for four years at the academy of  fine arts in Utrecht and I also participated in other courses and ateliers for several years.

For me it is important to express my fantasy and emotions in my paintings .I like painting  between figurative and abtract,so you can fill in something for yourself.

I feel it is important for the observers  to keep looking at a painting asking themselves ‘ what do I see and what does it tell me’.

My paintings generally speaking don’t finish at once, it is a development in time.

I apply different layers of paint one after the other. And just like the experiences in our life, one after the other, some leave  traces behind.

My paintings are inspired by the human body, a text, a poem, a theme, a journey, music, an experience or a sentiment.

Painting is a bit like travelling: for me it is essential to learn to look at things as well in a different way.


Jordanie en huis Frankrijk 07 kunst tineke 015 paintings-on-line-clementine2012 elize-tineke-meer-waslijn-007 fish-abstract2009 couple2009 IMG_4635 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA clementine-paintings-2012-10 drieluik-iii img_0025 palestinian-costume2012 img_3641-001 img_0021 IMG_4641 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA img_3635-001 waterland2009-3 elize-tineke-meer-waslijn-006 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA